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About Louis (Changreol) Weon

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Residential & Commercial 

    Why Choose Me As Your Agent?

    When you work with me, you will receive a knowledgeable and professional real estate agent, a committed ally to negotiate on your behalf, the systems in place to streamline buying or selling your home & commercial property and the backing of the Master Realty.

    In 2008, I decided to fulfill my dream of being a REALTOR. As a goal-oriented person, sales is a great fit for me. It is all I have ever known. Helping people is part of who I am, and it brings me great joy and satisfaction to do so. Goals are what motivate me. My goal is to be the best at what I do and to make my clients happy. If your ultimate goal is to impress and make your clients happy…it’s hard not to succeed.

    Marketing is my niche and a big love of mine. My sellers benefit from my marketing that I do as my days on market are always less than the current market average. Between my TV commercials, billboards, and social media my listings have maximum exposure. My buyers appreciate that I am available 24/7 and use current technology to stay connected with my clients. I am “Focused on You!”

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